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We strive to provide our customers with top quality and durable products.

The sea is our great love. There's no better feeling than navigating on the sea. Therefore, we were also attracted to finding solutions and making various nautical accessories made of stainless steel. We also want to visit you at the location where you have a boat and find a suitable product for you as well.

Inox ograje
Stainless steel and other fences

Many years of experience enable us to produce quality and modern stainless steel fences. Many satisfied customers are inspired to insist on this product line. We follow trends and help you create your dreams. We are looking forward to your demand.

Hlevska oprema
Stable equipment

We are not an importer, but all metal hardware is manufactured according to your order and dimensions. It is made of solid iron, hot-dip galvanized in Pocinkovalnica Celje. If you are not sure how to equip your new or existing barn, you can also help with this drawing. Call us.

We are a family company with 26 years tradition. We are engaged in the production of metal products from all metal materials on order.

"Everything is constructed, but only certain things are constructed well."








Why choose us

We exist under the same name since 1991. Because our customers are returning and bringing new ones.

Our mission

To produce the product for the right price, excellent quality and thus fulfill the customer's expectations.

What do you get

Get a lovingly manufactured product, within the time that we bring together.

Are you worried about how to carry out your idea?
Contact us and we will find a solution together!

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